Prototyping service


FDM is a filament-based technology where a temperature-controlled head extrudes a thermoplastic material layer by layer onto a build platform.

We store only White and Black filaments. Except Batch orders other colour jobs will be finished and painted. Materials available are ABS, HIPS, PLA, and TPU.


Stereo lithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing – commonly referred to as 3D printing technology that converts liquid materials into solid parts, layer by layer, by selectively curing them using a light source in a process called photo polymerization.

We store many varieties in materials classified according to applications.


SLS technology uses a laser to harden and bond small grains of nylon and elastomer materials into layers in a 3D dimensional structure. Only technology manufactures the parts without support.

Material decided according to application


Poly Jet is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces smooth, accurate parts, prototypes and tooling.Create smooth, detailed prototypes that convey final-product aesthetics.Produce accurate molds, jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing tools.Achieve complex shapes, intricate details and delicate features.Incorporate the widest variety of colors and materials into a single model for unbeatable efficiency.

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